Vegan, tasty food at your fingertips
Vegan, tasty food at your fingertips
In December 2014, Frenchman Joel Rossel discovered that chickpea water can create a foam, very similar to protein. Rossel shared his discovery and published several recipes using "vegetable foam". Joelle made a chocolate mousse, meringue and dessert in Flottante with aquafaba. The use of chickpea foam in desserts drew the attention of vegan food lovers. It was found that chickpea liquid can completely replace egg whites without the need for stabilizers. Then the story of aquafaba began.

A bit of Aquafaba history

groch włoski dla aquafaby
It is prepared from chickpeas and then turns into a powder by freeze drying. The method of freeze-drying has long been known and widely used in the food industry. All freeze-dried coffee is therefore produced by the freeze-drying method. In this method, the product to be dried is first frozen to the correct temperature according to the technology, then placed in a vacuum chamber from which water is removed.
Vacuuming allows water to be almost completely removed from products, and freezing keeps the components safe.
This method has proved necessary for the long-term storage of various biological products. Freeze drying allows you to obtain dry products, without losing their structural integrity and biological value!
Thanks to this processing method, proteins are completely preserved. After adding water, the structure of the product regains its original properties within 2 minutes.

We offer aquafaba in powder form

• 100% natural freeze-dried chickpea powder
• expiry date of the powder 36 months
• 30 g of Aquafaba powder replaces 10 eggs
• Nutritional value of the reconstituted product: 100 g contains
• 14.0 g of carbohydrates, 6.1 g of protein

For people intolerant
to egg products

For vegans and vegetarians

For people who lead a healthy lifestyle

He adheres to religious fasting

For those who like to cook and experiment

Who is Aquafaba for?

• meringue
• foam
• macaroons
• souffle
• cakes or other meringue
• cake cream
• vegan whipped cream
• vegan ice cream
• bread frosting ( cake , gingerbread, donuts)
• mayonnaise
• use as a substitute for eggs in all baked goods
• tiramisu

What can be cooked with aquafaba

Before use

• Degrease kitchen tools
• Add 10 g of the product to 150 g of prepared water (50-60 С ̊)
• Mix
• To cover with a lid
• Wait for 2 minutes
• Beat or use in liquid form
mozzarella z aquafaby
majonez wegański z aquafaby
Wegańskie makaroniki z aquafaby
mus z aquafaby
ciasto z aquafaby
ciasto czekoladowe z aquafaby
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